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12 May 2021
Virtual event (Berlin), Germany

11 May 2021: Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit

Adding the translational perspective in medical sciences and technologies, the Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit (CBES) partners closely with the BIONNALE 2021 to provide a full-spectrum overview on the vibrant capital of Berlin and its life sciences ecosystem. This year, the CBES will focus on how to give promising technologies the push they need to pave the way for a new era of medical treatment. On May 11th, one day before BIONNALE, the Summit will offer a digital sneak peek into the future of Translational Innovation for Patient-Centered Healthcare.

Disruptive change is occurring at an unprecedented pace in every area of the healthcare market. International entrepreneurs, innovators, physicians, scientists, investors, and representatives from industry and government alike will participate in four comprehensive sessions:

  • Emerging Technologies for Point-of-Care Solutions
  • Next-Generation Immune Engineering
  • Tissue Engineering: A Loophole to Fight the Long-Term Effects of Covid-19?
  • Investing for a Pandemic-Resilient Future: How Do You Raise or Make Money without Access to the Healthcare System?

Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit is pleased to partner with Scotland this year and to have partner countries from previous years—Australia, Canada, Israel, and the USA—on board. Those partners and their networks of key opinion leaders and innovation experts will surely add a much-needed global perspective to the 2021 Summit.

With its LifeSciences VentureMarket, the Summit shares and explores the most important discoveries and emerging trends influencing entrepreneurship in healthcare around the world. Soon-to-be or already-founded startups from the MedTech, Pharma or DigitalHealth space are cordially invited to participate.

More information:

Summit Program: https://bit.ly/30skHKL
Detailed information on LSVM: https://bit.ly/3erLfEe

Application form: https://cbes.berlin/lsvm-application-form

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Virtual event (Berlin), Germany
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